Renata Darabant





Name: Renata Brigitte Darabant 

Born: 15/02/1986 in Oradea, Romania  

Since 1992 in Austria 




> 2004: academic high school graduation, BRG Gröhrmühlgasse, Wr. Neustadt 


> 2004 - 2008: studies of printmaking in     wiener kunst schule; graduated with honors

> 2007- 2015: class for graphics and  printmaking at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna; passed with distinction

> 2012 Summer Academy - Zurich   Academy of the Arts -  Department: Scientific Visualization

> 2014- 2015: Tokyo University of the Arts, exchange program


Artistic development: 



* First appearance of a work in the second number of 

   the magazine for printmaking and visual culture “UM:DRUCK" 



* participation in a group exhibition at the Offizin für Druckgrafik in Vienna; with Prof.Dr.Philipp Maurer 

* Guidances for school classes as part of the print - Exhibition at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna, the exhibition of International Printmaking Triennial Cracow-Oldenburg-Vienna. 



* Diploma exhibition at the Vienna University of Technology 

* "umsteigen", Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo, Japan 



* "umsteigen" in Künstlerhaus, Vienna 

* Publication of Printmaking in the eleventh number of the

   magazine of printmaking and visual culture "UM:DRUCK"

* “umsteigen||” in geidai art plaza Tokyo, Japan

* "umsteigen||" in Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna



* "Exil Shanghai" in Shanghai University of Fine Arts, China

* "Exil Shanghai" in the Jewish Museum, Vienna

* "The Essence 10" in Künstlerhaus, Vienna

* "Druck am Limit" in Kro Art Contemporary, Vienna



* "Druck am Limit" in Kro Art Contemporary, Vienna

* "Print In/Ex" in Webster University; Visual Arts Studio, St. Louis, USA



* Group exhibition “The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition” in the Brooklyn Art Library in 

   New York City, USA

* Group exhibition “The Essence 2012” Künstlerhaus, Vienna


* Group exhibition “Exlibris Piktogramm Signatur” Gallery Steyrdorf, Steyr, Upper Austria
* International Group exhibition “THOUGHT MACHINES”in the exhibition center Heiligenkreuzerhof,Vienna
* Group exhibition “Old Masters Young Masters” in “Galerie Hochdruck” in Vienna
* Part of the Exlibris Collection of the National Library of Austria.
* Group exhibition on the 4th Academy Shanghai: Contemporary Prints Competition &    Exhibition

* "Newcomers" Hangaro, Tokyo University of the Arts
* "ZURETA"(ずれた)Artspace of Tokyo University of the Arts
* "Tribe" Tokyo University of the Arts
* Group Show in "art plaza" Tokyo University of the Arts
* Group Show, Community Hall Minami Nagareyama Chiba Prefecture, Japan
* "Touch Wood" Austrian Embassy Tokyo, Japan
* “Printmaking workshop summit” in The Art Complexcenter of Tokyo, Japan
* “Exhibition of The Association of Japanese Art College” in Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo

* "Ex-Libris/ Une tradition revisitée entre Paris et Vienne", Galerie Jahidi, Paris, France

* "Zureta-ずれた-" in the exhibition center Heiligenkreuzerhof,Vienna

* SIMULI - presence in absence graduation show University of Applied Arts Vienna

* "ZURETA"(ずれた)Artspace of Tokyo University of the Arts

* Wiener Wunderkammer 2015,  "What's Next?" in the Technical University of Vienna

*"Druckgraphik des Japonismus" Galerie Hochdruck, Vienna

* "signed & numbered"  Viennese Print Shop, Jan Arnold Galerie MQ Wien





* „signed & numbered || Jan Arnold Gallery MQ Vienna



* 'Auf Tuchfühlung' in Kultur- und Museumsverein Laxenburg, Laxenburg