Touch wood (2014)

Collaborative project by Renata Darabant and Nao Osada.

Focusing on this part of the concept statement describing the exhibition title,

„Touch Wood “ ist auch ein Hinweis auf magisches Denken und Aberglauben. Es

verweist auf ein Handeln, das sich aus Vorstellungen über die Welt ergibt, die schon fast

vergessen sind. Es ist ein Ausdruck der Suche nach Glück und des Abwendens von


Charms and superstitions avoiding misfortune among others, there is also


Schluckbildchen is the religious folk medicine in medieval Europe, it would be a kind of

superstition now days.

Schluckbildchen are small pieces of paper on which cult images shown and they were

used as religious folk medicine during the 18 until 20 Century. The believer had

swallowed Schluckbildchen as "spiritual medicine cabinet" supernatural healing powers.

Most of Schluckbildchen was printed with woodcut . As feeling unexpectedness of eating

the paper, you can see that how much power the iconography has, and how effectually

the printmaking has been used to repeat or mass-produced it.



This project will intend to find way to avoid misfortune